Собрание всего, что поспособствует изучению OctoberCMS

Content blocks are text, HTML or Markdown blocks that can be edited separately from the page or layout. Content blocks files reside in the /content subdirectory of a theme directory. The following extensions are supported for content files:

  • htm - for HTML markup.
  • txt - for plain text.
  • md - for Markdown syntax.

The extension affects the way how content blocks are displayed in the back-end user interface (with a WYSIWYG editor or with a plain text editor) and how the blocks are rendered on the website. Markdown blocks are converted to HTML before they are displayed.

Use the {% content "file.htm" %} tag to render a content block in a page, partial or layout. Example of a page rendering a content block:

url = "/contacts"
<div class="contacts">
    {% content "contacts.htm" %}